The Gnome & Friends

The following pictures were taken by an authorised photographer at one of the Gnome's rare public appearances.

Burnham Week 26th August - 3rd September 2000

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A Burnham Week tag

Adam with a large tower of glasses - just before they fell on Emma!

Can anyone tell me what this is a picture of? I don't think it's the inside of my pocket, but it could be. Could be the night sky? Can anyone remember? Answers to the usual address.

Nicki asleep with a Jaffa Cake up her nose.

A double rainbow over the Crouch. Isn't it artistic?

Ed Jim

Burnham Week - The Drinking Tee Shirt. Scott, Mike, Jim, Ed, John, Andy.

I Drink Therefore I Fart

'Hercules', 'Scotty Da Hotty', 'Fairy Soft', 'Uncle Bulgaria', 'The Great White' and 'Beef Cake'

The Gnome shows off his chef skills at the Barbeque

At the BBQ

At last, proof that the Gnome is a Sexual Deviant

The Gnome shows off his drinking shirt, you can't quite read it but it says, 'I Drink Therefore I Fart'

And his nickname 'Gnomey'

Guy gets pondwashed

He's under

The RB window

The journey home

Miscellaneous schwag - in no way related to the newspaper clipping below!

More misc schwag

And more schwag

The front page of the local paper, the 'Burnham and Maldon Standard'.

The enlargement of that banner story. Read the story text below.

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