The Gnome & Friends

The following pictures were taken by an authorised photographer at one of the Gnome's rare public appearances.

Cadet Class Dinner 4th Nov 2000

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Jim and Ed in suits and wigs

The Banana Boys turn up in their smart clothes!

Heather, Gnome, Andy

Simon, behave!

It's alright, Andy, we're not bored

James + Ed

Rob + Emma collecting prizes

Si, Kate and trophy

Jimmy B, Lorraine and Eddy C

The Gnome finds a friend!

The Gnome finds a true drinking buddy

The Gnome goes up to collect his trophy

Rob, wait for your crew


Tim - is he the best dressed man there?

Simon and the champagne bucket

Ed... three letters. T - I - T

James, Ed, Andy, Richard, Mike, Scott, Si, Adam

Kate, Emma, Mel



A picture of perfect masculinity!

Jim, Adam, Mike, Scott, Gnome, Ed

'Fairysoft' Mike

Scott Gnome-dunking

The Gnome's friend in pieces on the floor

Picking up the pieces

You killed him!

The Gnome's friend is dead!

The funeral procession

The mourners

The remains of the Gnome's friend


Andy and Rich

Andy, Mike, James, Adam and Richard

Jimmy B and Mike FB

Richard, Adam and Mike

Ed and Andy

Rachel and Adam


Andy, Chloe, Heather and Nikki celebrating

Rachel dances while Adam blows his own trumpets

This is how they normally look

Rich, James, Andy, Mike, Scott, Rachel

This one's just begging for the caption competition

Cheer up Nikki

Go Heather!

I'll kick your ass!

James, Rachel, Scott

Rachel - Scott

Scary Adam

James and a foot

Rich and Jim


Try to stand up straight while you're holding the Gnome, Olive

Mikey FB

Shhh, don't tell Kate

Cheer up Kate

Jim, Si, Ed

Eddy and Jimbo


Kate, Simon, Emma, Ed, Heather, James

James - Emma

Emma + Kate

Adam + Nikki

Yes, it's a balloon

Kung-Fu Emma

Ed - Honestly Emma it's this big!

Ed and his big ball

Little fish, big fish, cardboard box...

Rob - I can hear the sea!

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Special Bonus Picture!

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