The Gnome & Friends

The following pictures were taken by an authorised photographer at one of the Gnome's rare public appearances.

Medway Cadet Week August 2000

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Scott and Andy

Jim and Ed

Jono, 'Cheesy Grin' Scott and Andy

Lots of people


Lots more people

Emma, James and Rachel


Ian, James S, Emma and Eddy

Adam stretching out!, Collette and James K

Scotty da Hotty



Adam, I'm not saying there's anything funny about those brothers, but...

James' last Cadet Week

Andy and Si

Andy's Speech


Thanks Mark

Jim and the Double AfterShock

Going, going, gone.

Michael, Behave!

James Collecting Prizes from Lorraine

The leftovers

Night After Cadet Week - Sam and the night's supply

Night After Cadet Week - The Barbecue

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