The Gnome & Friends

The pictures below were sent in by someone using only a pseudonym. If you can identify any of the people or places in the pictures, or can give us any other information that leads to the Gnome's rescue, there may be a reward.

The Gnome has been GnomeGnapped!

Can you see where I live yet?

The ransom demand is delivered

Just who is the mysterious Fairysoft?

The ransom note.

Bizarrely the board's advertising the J109 I used to crew on!

We have millennium gnomes in Falmouth with a clock no less!

They keep a fire blanket in the fridge??

Gnome in fridge?

Has the gnome just relieved himself in that glass?

All shagged out

And you wonder why he's always got such a big grin!

Ahhhh A giant hamster is about to eat my Gnomey tackle!

Staring at Liz Hurley... but who wouldn't

I say, ding dong!

I drink therefore I fart

Even more beer!

just don't want to know

Gnome disguised as a chicken

Gnome with a view

Found - one Gnome in near perfect condition.

It's worrying just how much he looks like Posey Flump, for those of you that are old enough to know what I'm on about

A true deviant.

Flaming galaaa!

Land-sea interface ahhhh

Michael, behave!

Even more beer!

Live tonight - The Gnome

Spot the Gnome on board Playstation

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