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Weather-File.com Firefox Compatibility

The Weather-file.com website collects wind & weather data from a number of internet connected anemometers around the Solent on the south coast of England, for sailors. Unfortunately this website uses an Internet Explorer only control to display the data. This add-on replaces the data table with a Firefox compatible version of the same data hosted on this server.

Download it from Mozilla's Add-Ons website

If you already have the Firefox Greasemonkey add-on, then you could also try this Greasemonkey script - Weather-File.com Compatibility script.


v0.2 - 26/11/2009
Home page link added
Some internals reorganized
Add-on's size halved from previous 0.1.x versions.
v0.1.2 - 9/11/2009
Fixed bug that would hang Firefox if you tried to view the add-on's "About" page.
Tested with Firefox 3.6 Beta 1, updated compatibility info for upcoming Firefox 3.6 release.
Tested with Seamonkey 2.0, not compatible - will look at this again for a future version.
v0.1.1 - 26/10/2009
First public release, based on the Greasemonkey script above.

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