This is a collection of resources and links related to the game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided that Okiar Jardia, Renaissance Ranger, Rifleman and proprietor of Okiar's Hunting Lodge, has created, collected and found useful.

Okiar Jardia

Okiar's faceOkiar Jardia is a Zabrak Ranger and Rifleman on the Chimaera galaxy. He's an explorer, always wandering the galaxy looking for something new, exciting or just different. After exploring he relaxes in his house in Kabar on Naboo and counts the spineflappers as they fly past his window.

Eojardia Kevia

Eoj's faceEojardia "Eoj" Kevia is a Zabrak Image Designer and Droid Engineer on the Chimaera galaxy. Proprietress of the "House of Eoj" Image Design studio at the sleepy south end of Kabar, joint founder and partner with Kesaah Elonou of "Mom's Friendly Corp." and "Mom's Friendly Mining Corporation" and Managing Director of "Mom's Friendly Robot Corporation". When not working, she spends her leisure time in her home town of Kabar on Naboo.



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