Eoj Droidworks

Droid Owner's FAQ

I've just bought a droid, what do I do now?
Once you've bought the droid and collected it you should find a droid deed in your inventory, this will either look like a flat yellow square, or will look like the droid that you just bought. If you doubleclick on this or select it and pick "Ready Droid Deed" form the radial menu, then it will appear in your datapad as a Droid Control Device. It is now very much like owning a pet. You can train her to respond to various voice commands, name her or use her various functions (all as described below).
How many droids can I own at one time?
Any player can have up to 5 droids stored in her datapad, but you may only call and use one droid at a time, this droid must then be stored before you can call another droid or pet.
How do I train my droid to respond to my voice commands?
To train the droid select it and then pick "Program" form the radial menu, this will give you a list of commands that your droid is able to learn, select one and your droid will have a question mark appear over its head, now say the command and the droid will respond with an exclamation mark to confirm that it has learnt its new command. For example:
How do I name my droid?
Droids have a very restricted name filter. Their names must be one word (no spaces), and have no numbers or other special characters in them. You may use capital letters, but bear in mind that their names are case-sensitive so please remember to enter them in exactly the same way each time. In addition certain models of droid cannot be named, see the question below.
You rename your droid by training it with at least four commands with the droid's name first, and then the command with a space between. For example:
Can all droid types have a name?
Currently droids that can have personality modules installed cannot be named and will keep their model type as a name, for example "Advanced LE Repair Droid". All of the affected droids are the humanoid shaped ones.
The following droids cannot be named: All other player controllable droids can be named.
Why does my droid keep saying "*Low Power*"?
To keep all of your droid's functions running she needs to be powered up, and recharged regularly.
Most of your droids functions will not operate unless she has power; she will not respond to voice commands, will not learn her name, and most modules such as Combat Modules, Medical Modules and other special abilities modules will not function.
The only modules that will work when your droid has no power are the Crafting Station modules and storage modules if you have them installed.
How do I check how much power my droid has left in it?
To check how much power your droid has left, simply "/examine" her. The examine page has a line labelled "Battery Power:" which will give you a percentage showing how much of the battery your droid has used up. You can also see this by examining the droid control device for your droid in your Datapad.
How do I recharge my droid
First you need to have a battery in your main inventory. All custom droids ordered from Eoj Droidworks will be supplied together with a complimentary set of batteries. If you've run out you can buy packs of high quality batteries from the Eoj Droidworks vendor, and many other Droid Engineers and general Artisans can make and will stock batteries if you're stuck out in the field when you run out.
Select your droid, and from the Radial menu select "Droid Options" then from the sub-menu that appears, select "Recharge".
How do I give my droid a command without everyone else hearing?
If you're worried about contributing to the spam in busy areas, or disturbing the peace and tranquility in quiet areas as you shout "Follow Me" at your droid, then you can use the "/tellpet" command.
Either target your pet and then issue the command, eg "/tellpet group" or, if you've named your droid, then you can address her by name without having to target her. For example if your droid's name is "Fluffy" then you would say "/tellpet (Fluffy) attack" or for one called "EojsKillahDroid" "/tellpet (EojsKillahDroid) follow target" (note that the droid's name must have the brackets around it, and that it is case-sensitive and should be typed exactly as you see the name above the droid's head).
How do I quickly call my droid without wasting time searching through my full datapad?
You can drag a droid from the datapad onto an empty spot on your toolbar, allowing you to quick-call a droid with just a single key-press or mouse click.
After I've bought a droid from you can I bring it back later and get its modules changed/upgraded?
No, I'm afraid that there is currently no way to modify the functions or abilities of a finished droid.
What's the point in a droid storage module in this day and age of huge inventories and fields full of storage houses?
Although you can only fit up to 10 items in your droid's storage area (provided that you ordered your droid with a high quaity storage module), it does have some benefits for items that you store in there. Firstly, any items stored in your droid's storage module will not decay at all if you die, even if you haven't insured them. Secondly any items stored in there will not be detected by Imperials (or other local law enforcement officers) running contraband scans.
Is there any way to get quick access to items that I've stored in my droid's storage module?
If you drag an item that is located within a droid's storage module onto your toolbar. Then, whether your droid is active or not, you can simply click on it in the toolbar twice. The first time you click will call it into your inventory, and the second time will equip it (for weapons clothes or armour).
Can I give you a used droid as a trade-in for a new one?
No, I'm afraid that the market for used droids is extremely small, and as they cannot be converted back into a deed, storage to keep them in is extremely limited (they can only be kept in my datapad which can hold a maximum of 5 droids at any time including the ones that I own and regularly use). In certain exceptional circumstances I may take a used doid as a trade-in but only if it is a popular model and configuration, and is one that I originally made, please check with me before expecting this as I will not always be able to take a trade in even under these circumstances.