Eojardia Kevia

Notes and Thanks

Thanks to Milas for fitting out the salon (/hug), thanks to Okiar for patiently sitting there while I gave him some hideous looks as I practiced my way as an apprentice Image Designer! Great big thanks, /hug and /snog to Okiar for creating this web site and especially the Droid Configuration Tool, you're definitely my favourite Zabrak (but don't let it go to your handsome head)! Thanks to everyone in Kabar for everything, special mentions to Jeze (for getting me hooked on taking those Neutron Pixies recreationally, introducing me to the joys of fishing, and the fun of pink), Veeboo (aka 'Boo) he's small, he's great, but I still say he's got slimy skin and all the rest of you, you're great, Kesaah for sharing everything and being the other half of MOMCORP!