Eoj Droidworks


Eoj Droidworks (soon to be part of Mom's Friendly Robot Company) has a number of vendors in the town of Kabar on Naboo (in the Chimaera galaxy of SWG).

The main vendors are located in a merchant tent (at waypoint -7211 1285 directly opposite the town's shuttleport, there are two vendors here, one stocking standard utility and combat droids, the other selling specialist Bounty Hunter droids and droid accessories and consumables. There is also a special orders vendor in the House of Eoj situated 200m south of the City Hall at -7345 955, this is available for customers to pick up their custom orders and for suppliers to drop off their wares.

Standard Droid Models


Custom Droid Configurations

Please see the Droid Configuration Tool to help you decide exactly which droid you'd like and to see what all of the options are. All droids ordered as custom models will be hand finished especially for you and, depending on the model, can be painted with your choice of colours. Droids purchased as gifts can also have the deed name customised (note that this only affects the name on the deed, when the deed is used the droid will revert to its standard model name, see the FAQ for instructions for naming your droid).

Decorative Droid Chassis Options

Empty non-functional droid chassis can be created to be used as decoration, for almost any droid above, these can be given custom colours and are not restricted by the normal droid naming rules.

The price will be the same as the normal, non-advanced version of the droid chassis above. When ordering a chassis for decorative purposes please don't select any of the optional modules, and ensure that you do mention any custom colour or naming requirements, and ensure that you state on your order that this is for a non-functional chassis. Note that for certain droid models, no separate chassis is available (or customization options are limited on the chassis) in which case you will be given a basic droid deed instead, this can be placed in your house as decoration in the same way as a chassis.