House of Eoj


Eojardia Kevia, Master Image Designer, Droid Engineer.


Located in the wonderful city of Kabar in West Naboo, you can find the House of Eoj 200m south of the City Hall. You can add a waypoint to us by typing /waypoint -7345 955 when you're on Naboo.


The House of Eoj is layed out across three floors, only two of which are open to the public.

On entering the ground floor you will find yourself walking through to the main reception atrium. Our main Eoj Droidworks droid vendor is here, along with a selection of samples and you may find a variety of distracting and amusing decorations on the walls.

To your left you will find a door leading to my workshop. Whilst the public may look around here and use the Crafting Station please try not to touch anything, as droid manufacturing is a dangerous business and I cannot guarantee the public's safety in there.

You may follow the stairs to your right, up past the Salon's receptionist, around the atrium to the balcony where you will find a door leading to my Image Design Salon. Clients may wait here for booked appointments in the comfu seats along the back wall.At the far end of the corridor you can walk out onto the balcony to admire the fine view over the Naboo scenery, and maybe even see some of the local wildlife.

The basement sub-level is private and members of the public may not walk down there.