Okiar's Hunting Lodge

Animal and Natural Resources Vendor

Come visit Okiar's Hunting Lodge, we aim to be the Chimaera galaxy's greatest animal and natural resources shop. Buying and selling all animal and natural resources at competitive rates.


You can find us in Azure City nestled in the beautiful Denendre Valley on Corellia, about 1.8km North of Kor Vella. The shop is the third building down the hill to the east in front of the City Hall. You can add a waypoint to us by typing /waypoint -4324 4747 when you're on Corellia.

No wookiees or durnis were harmed in the stocking of this shop (rumours of wookiee hides and pelts being available to regular customers are, of course, all false).

Important notice: Okiar's Hunting Lodge is on the move. Our Corellian vendor has now closed and we are currently arranging a new location for the shop (possibly merging with another merchant). We shall be operating out of the City of Kabar on Naboo, look out for announcements about our opening