Okiar Jardia

The many faces of Okiar Jardia

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Personal Info

Okiar Jardia
Mos Espa, Tatooine (Chimaera)
Known Family
Marino Jardia (Eclipse), Lanebi Jardia (Test Centre), Orrajard (Test Centre), Ikirc Jardia (Test Centre)
Known Acquantainces
Kron N'ympho (RIP) "may his hunt be a happy one": scary green Trandoshan Swordsman and Doctor
Veeboo Baruke: pistol-wielding, small blue Rodian
Known Interests
A certain female Zabrak, who's already gone as far as sorting out his looks, his hair and (trying to sort out) his wardrobe. "Eoj" you know who you are, come and move into my Hunting Lodge and make me a happy Zabrak!
Ranger, Rifleman and proprietor of Okiar's Hunting Lodge.
Current In-Game Bio
After growing up beside the Bilbringi Shipyards with his brother Marino, Okiar and Marino gained a respect for machinery and a desire to see the great wild universe and explore the galaxy's wild, unexplored places.
Stowing away on a ship bound for the big, wide Universe, the brothers were split up and the only thing Okiar has heard of his brother was a cryptic message about a place called Eclipse.
Called here, to a split place called Chimaera, by a Trandoshan called Kron, Okiar has been putting his love of the outdoors to use by becoming a wandering, prospecting explorer, and an able hunter with his trusty rifle.
Having been abandoned by that evil Trandoshan, and watched his home town of Azure disintregrate, Okiar finds it hard to place his trust in anyone or anything. He can now be found wandering the galaxy and exploring its little known areas often in the company of a strange looking, short, blue Rodian (although he's still trying to find a place to settle down and trying to convince that flame haired, female Zabrak called Eoj to join him).